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Letter from the President

When we first arrived in Austria in 1976 our intentions were to study music and return to Taiwan to become professors. We didn’t expect to be overwhelmed by the beauty and rich culture that we found everywhere we traveled. The wondrous architecture left us with questions about the history of each building, the art and music was as exhilarating as riding a rollercoaster and the warm culture of the people eventually made us fall in love with this place and settle down in Vienna.

In 1989 we decided to bring this experience and the joy we felt to you and opened EETS in a small backroom office. Since then we have brought enjoyment to more than hundred thousands of satisfied people. When you are on one of our tours, know that we have been to all those places and that they are all hand chosen by us. The great experience and the quality of service are the reason we are still in business today and are known to be one of the best tour operators in Europe.

Sincerely yours,

Alfred Wu & Jenny Wu
President Vice- President

The Brand

EETS is the name that stands for the right way of doing business.

We value customer relations where the customer always comes first, because the customer deserves the best. EETS stands for a new sensation, innovation, and long term cooperation. No challenge is beyond our reach and every service is attainable. EETS is competitive without the loss of quality. Quality is always more important than quantity. Unlike our competitors EETS likes to think of our business partners as an extended family. We like having you as our long term partner, because we are stronger when we work together. We all win when what we accomplish is making the market stronger.